Medical care app that aims to help patients during chemotherapy treatment



Helping stakeholders to ideate an app that assists caretakers during chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment where medicine is used to stop cancer cells from reproducing, which prevents them from growing and spreading in the body.

A pharma company developed a prescription medicine to treat certain types of cancer, and as a complement, decided to run an MPV that could be used to help patients during periods of medical care.


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UX/UI , Branding

The challenge

The challenge was to support patients during this stage by providing guidance, where the goal of the treatment is to cure or control the disease, taking into consideration all the information available from the care service.



Before starting the team and stakeholders co-created a set of goals to focus on: 

  • Assist patients with the medication they need to take
  • Provide guidance and support when needed
  • Give tools to help to deal with the side effects of the treatment
User personas

To better understand key users, two personas profiles were created based on information provided by previous patients. These profiles were used as a guide for further design decisions.


To synthesize how pages are prioritized, linked, and labelled, a sitemap was created to visually display the hierarchy of screens.


Wireframes were used as a communication tool to establish a basic structure of elements and define content before visual design was added. This helped to quickly iterate on changes toward the final solution.

The solution

A service that makes it easy for patients to remember medications and upcoming doctor appointments. They can keep track of medical records after every appointment and follow up on their treatment. Access to meditation exercises to relax and calm anxiety, live chat with head doctors, and useful resources in the area.

Medications and appointment reminder

Helping patients manage their treatment plan by recalling the medications they need to take. A simple checklist sorted by day shows all the medication needed for the treatment, previously prescribed by the head doctor. As a reminder for medical appointments with a doctor or nurse, a calendar shows future consultations with information about the date, time, and place.

Meditation exercises

Mindfulness and meditation exercises to bring moments of peace and calm anytime they need. Side symptoms can be challenging, these exercises try to help relieve stress and anxiety.


Helping patients to find nearby resources that can be helpful such as drugstores, support groups, and gyms among others.

Medical records

After every consultation doctors can complete and upload a report, allowing patients to keep track of the evolution of the treatment.


Patients can ask questions directly to their assigned head doctors through a chat.  Also, the creation of Care Teams is possible and is linked to a community forum related to the type of cancer that is being treated, where useful information can be found and shared.

Notifications and Profile

Patients can receive notifications, like appointment reminders, medication intake reminders, new meditation exercises, and when reports are uploaded by the doctor. Finally, there is a profile section with general information about the user, application settings, care team information, and quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about the app service.


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© 2023 mpaulinoz

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